Why moving to Linux to avoid Microsoft spying is impossible for most people

Discussion in 'Linux' started by roga, Aug 29, 2015.

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    Ah, the age old debate...

    Of course Linux is going to suck for you when what you've been buying for years is closed source software and non open source friendly hardware. You've been voting for the same stuff with your wallet over and over again. Software and hardware makers aren't going to take risks and release their products for an OS that's only got a marginal user share.

    Of course installing the nvidia drivers is going to be a royal pain in the neck when it's basically the windows drivers put inside a wrapper (i.e. it's a sloppy piece of software that doesn't integrated well with Linux). Hell, hardware manufacturers don't even care about driver support past a few years at times, even under Windows (I'm thinking about Xonar sound cards here). ;)

    The hardware and software is their property. You can't take it and make changes to it, otherwise you'll get a big, fat lawsuit for intellectual property theft.

    For things to change, people need to support open source in any way they can (donations, software development, helping other users in forums). You really can't complain that app X, Y or Z isn't available or driver A, B or C's performance/compliance isn't on par with Windows when all you've done is use Linux for a couple of weeks. Things aren't going to change overnight.

    You had to learn how do use Windows at some point... Now, you need to learn Linux. There are going to be fundamental differences and you'll need to adjust. If you want a Windows clone, you won't find one with Linux (although some distributions do try to mimic Windows a lot). And for each of your Linux horror stories, I could tell one about Windows.
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