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Thread: [OBSERVATION]: Windows 10 and batch script

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    Arrow [OBSERVATION]: Windows 10 and batch script

    After running Win 10 build 14393 for quite a while now, i realized some hickups and changes in batch output behavior.

    My tools were running stable on Win 8.1 and 10 RTM, but with Anniversary update i noticed several code breaks due to missing escape chars in several outputs, that never had issues before .

    Also i found my DISM tool failing when trying to get the index count from a WIM/ESD, and i found the DISM output now showed "1" instead of 1. Fortunately i found a smart way to strip the quote marks without the need to tinker with delimiters.

    Anybody else made such observations ... ?

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    Yes, after build 9901 this settings is standard now (this is from some ahk code I use, I'm sure you understand):

    RegWrite, REG_DWORD, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Console, ForceV2, 1

    I'm setting this back to "0" in my code. Just last week I noticed "Uwe Sieber" is having some trouble with this new settings as well:
    (search for "1607" and "screwed up".

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    @slave77 realy I also see several changes after each CU and imagine then when creators update arrive soon; again we need tweak someting again and again don't ends never
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