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Yes I know how to use terminal, I also know how to Ctrl Alt F1 into console when I can't even log in to use Terminal (Google "ubuntu login loop nvidia")

Trust me, I tried for hours with 20 tabs open in FF on my main PC (Windows with working graphics drivers) with 100 different methods people with the same problem were suggesting, nothing worked

Drivers installed fine under Ubuntu, but it caused the login loop, taking ownership of .Xauthority didn't work, renaming it to .bak didn't work, all the other supposedly known fixes didn't work either

Drivers installed under Mint too, but caused Cinnamon to crash constantly

Tbh we shouldn't have to do that to get something as simple as a graphics driver installed without breaking the OS in the process

It's a complete fail, for something that should be a relatively easy task of heading to the driver setting screen and enabling the drivers, rebooting and using the OS, to having to p1ss about in terminals/consoles for hours to fix things that shouldn't be broken from a simple driver install
I don't have a GTX 980, but that experience seems much different than what I've gone through. On Ubuntu, I'd expect adding the graphics PPA (for the latest NVIDIA proprietary driver), installing it, and rebooting to just work. Optimus set-ups are more complex than a single-GPU desktop, and those 3 steps worked flawlessly on the few laptops I've done them on (945M, 960M, 970M).

I suspect the most important step out of that is adding the graphics PPA though; last I checked, the default NV GPU included in Ubuntu repos is outdated. For GPUs that have issues with starting up at all on the open-source driver, adding nomodesetting should solve that, and should also be followed up with installing the proprietary driver asap.