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Thread: Multi-OEM/Retail Project - Continued...

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    Multi-OEM/Retail Project Version : 170324-R54.2 - BaseLine  [MRP/MDL] 
    Required files present and extracted successfully. 
    OEM's folder detected, structure appears OK. 
    OS Installation Date: 24/03/2017 
    [CHKOV] Windows 10 Pro x86 version found. 
    [CHKOE] Professional Edition/SKU installed. 
    [CHKOE] Build Version: 15063.0.x86fre.rs2_release.170317-1834 
    [OSLNG] Edition Language/Code: fr-FR ( 1036 [40Ch] ) 
    [OSLNG] OS Locale:             fr-FR 
    [OSLNG] OS Language Value:     FRA 
    BIOS DMI Information 
    #1 CS Product Name   : [VMware Virtual Platform] 
    #2 CS Model Name     : [VMware Virtual Platform] 
    #4 CS Vendor Name    : [VMware, Inc.] 
    #5 CS System Name    : [VMware, Inc.] 
    #6 Baseboard Name    : [Intel Corporation] 
    #8 BIOS ID           : [INTEL] 
    INFO: Standard HDD Detected. 
    [CHKLF] Rename 'System Drive' flag was enabled, 'C:' changed to 'Windows_10_Pro'. 
    [CKDMI] Checking DMI for manufacture information. 
    [THMOK] VMware [VMware] manufacture will be used for theme/branding. 
    [FTMNP] Force theme text file not present. 
    [CHKMN] Computer Model Name: 'VMware Virtual Platform' detected and applied.
    [BGDFC] Desktop backgrounds folder created. 
    [RMXML] OOBE.xml file deleted.  
    [UBREP] User.bmp replaced.  
    [UPREP] User.png replaced.  
    [UPREP] User-40.png replaced.  
    [UPREP] User-32.png replaced.  
    [UPREP] User-48.png replaced.  
    [UPREP] User-192.png replaced. 
    [WXLS5] Lock Screen {img105.jpg} replaced. 
    [THMRP] VMware theme has been applied. 
    [WXLS1] Log-In Background {img100.jpg} replaced. 
    [OIFCS] System32\oobe\info folder has been created. 
    [OIFCS] Required theme files transferred to 'System32\oobe\info' folder. 
    [BRNOK] Branding script has completed.
    [ADMAN] Add-On Manager in progress. 
    [CMSDM] Checking BIOS for MSDM Key. 
    [CMSDM] No MSDM key detected in BIOS. 
    [USRAC] Advanced Log-On screen has been enabled.
    [USRAC] Set 'User Account Picture' registry entry applied. 
    [USRRO] 'Registered Owner' registry entry corrected. 
    [USRD0] Detected 'defaultuser0', attempting to remove the folder... 
    [USRD0] Normal removal of 'defaultuser0' folder failed - retrying...  
    [USRD0] Forced removal of 'defaultuser0' folder successful. 
    [AMBMP] BIOS Mode: Legacy, Partition Type: MBR 
    [AMHDC] HDD Controller Mode: [AHCI] 
    [CHKLS] License Status: Not Licensed. 
    [CLNUP] MRP Clean Up Processed. 
    = Please Note: It is advisable to logout or reboot your computer when possible = 
    =              to allow the User and Log-On background pictures to finalize.   = 
    The Multi-OEM/Retail Project has now completed.

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    First time i've seen a Pro edition have to force remove the defaultuser0

    Today i had my first UserTweaks error:

    [AMUTC] Error: Some tweaks within UserTweaks.cmd may not of integrated correctly.

    Found the problem, a REM was no longer a REM but a DEM lol
    Remember tiny pixels make up the whole picture!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxman2k View Post
    Found the problem, a REM was no longer a REM but a DEM lol
    I am still trying to find the any key... lol

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