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Thread: Multi-OEM/Retail Project - Continued...

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    Default MRP Updated! 170116-R51s-BaseLine

    MRP has been updated to 170116-R51s-BaseLine.

    See change log on first post for details.

    Links updated - For MRP and MRP-OEMs-Only.

    Example Windows 10 Project.log output, (enhanced log mode on):
    Multi-OEM/Retail Project Version : 170116-R51s-BaseLine  [MRP/MDL] 
    Files present and extracted successfully. 
    Enhanced Log Mode: Activated. 
    > Detecting if a Solid State Drive is present. 
    > Checking OEM's Folder Structure.
    OEM's folder detected, structure appears OK. 
    OS Installation Date: 16/01/2017 
    14:58:01.17 > Checking installed OS name. 
    14:58:01.20 Windows 10 Pro x64 version found. 
    14:58:01.22 > Checking installed OS Edition/SKU. 
    14:58:01.58 Professional Edition/SKU installed. 
    14:58:01.58 Build Version: 14393.0.amd64fre.rs1_release.160715-1616 
    DMI BIOS Information 
    #1 CS Product Name   : [Desktop] 
    #2 CS Model          : [Desktop] 
    #4 CS Vendor         : [MSI-PC] 
    #5 CS System Manf    : [MSI-PC] 
    #6 Baseboard Manf    : [value] 
    #8 BIOS ID           : [HPQOEM] 
    INFO: SSD Detected - {Experimental}. 
    14:58:16.50 > Detecting installed OS language. 
    14:58:16.53 Detected installed OS language 2057 [809h]. 
    14:58:16.53 > Checking 'Drive Name' LblDrv flag. 
    14:58:16.97 Name System Drive flag was enabled, 'C:' will be renamed as 'Windows_10_Pro'. 
    14:58:16.97 > Checking DMI for manufacture information. 
    14:58:17.39 Msi [#4] manufacture will be used for theme/branding. 
    14:58:17.40 > Checking BIOS for MSDM Key. 
    14:58:26.15 No MSDM key detected in BIOS. 
    14:58:26.15 > Branding Section Part 1. 
    14:58:26.15 Force theme text file not present. 
    14:58:26.79 > Checking DMI for Model Name. 
    14:58:26.91 Model Name: Not detected. 
    14:58:26.91 > Branding Section Part 2. 
    14:58:26.91 Desktop backgrounds folder created. 
    14:58:26.94 > Windows 8.x/10/Server 2016 User Account Picture Management Section 1. 
    14:58:26.94 OOBE.xml file deleted.  
    14:58:26.94 User.bmp replaced.  
    14:58:27.10 User.png replaced.  
    14:58:27.16 User-40.png replaced.  
    14:58:27.24 > Windows 10/Server 2016 User Account Picture Management Section 2. 
    14:58:27.24 User-32.png replaced.  
    14:58:27.24 User-48.png replaced.  
    14:58:27.27 User-192.png replaced. 
    14:58:27.30 {Background} img105.jpg replaced. 
    14:58:27.71 > Theme Management Section. 
    14:58:27.71 Msi has been applied for default theme. 
    14:58:27.77 {Background} img100.jpg replaced. 
    14:58:27.80 > Transfer Theme Files Section. 
    14:58:27.80 System32\oobe\Info folder has been created. 
    14:58:27.82 Required theme files transferred to 'System32\oobe\Info folder'. 
    14:58:27.82 > Deletion of obsolete files. 
    14:58:28.52 MRP Branding script has completed.
    15:04:22.63 > MRP Add-On Module in progress. 
    15:04:23.13 > Checking if device is a 'default' Virtual Machine. 
    15:04:24.21 Advanced Log-On screen has been enabled.
    15:04:29.58 User Account Pictures registry entry applied. 
    15:04:29.64 'Registered Owner' registry entry corrected. 
    15:04:29.64 Detected 'defaultuser0', attempting to remove the folder... 
    15:04:29.76 Removal of 'defaultuser0' folder successful. 
    15:04:29.86 > Checking BIOS mode if Legacy/UEFI and drive type is MBR/GPT. 
    15:04:52.19 BIOS Mode: Legacy, Partition Type: MBR 
    15:04:52.19 > Checking Online Status. 
    15:04:52.19 Device not connected to the Internet, online license check failed. 
    15:04:55.44 > Checking if Device is activated/licensed. 
    15:05:04.54 License Status: Not licensed. 
    15:05:04.56 > Checking if 'UserTweaks.cmd' present. 
    15:05:04.56 'UserTweaks.cmd' present, attempting to apply. 
    15:05:04.56 UserTweaks.cmd has completed. 
    Please Note: It is advisable to logout or reboot your computer when possible  
                 to allow the User and Log-On background pictures to finalize.    
    Enhanced Log Mode: Deactivated. 
    Thank you for using the project, MRP has now completed.

    Note: a few slight changes to some wording was made after this log was created.
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    Here are my results from using the mrp. It works but when in audit mode for win10 the oobe is already ran unlike vista/win7 or win8.x. The tweaks I had to redo since they dont carry over when recovery partition is created. I also had to re-apply my setupcomplete.cmd since mrp thought it was at the desktop which it wasnt, so did the cleanup routine. All images, even the login background was set correct. I personalized it then logged off. The login background stayed put.

    I think if a check for username=Administrator for win10 then move code to beginning of a setupcomplete/firstlogin.cmd files (like the vista activation section of code) so it will be applied at desktop login instead of Administrator desktop (audit mode). Only a suggestion. Other then this small issue, I have no complaints. Not many do recovery partitions anyways but would be nice to enable it within the mrp project.

    Nice job brother.

    Your project, your call.

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