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Thread: WAT Fix - Fix your activation problems

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    I made this application a long time ago but I've improved it recently and figure it's about time it gets it's own thread

    If you've used other applications to try and bypass the Windows 7 activation system and/or you've not uninstalled them before trying to use Windows Loader then 9 times out of 10 that's why you're not passing as genuine.

    WAT Fix will:

    • Uninstall RemoveWAT (or similar)
    • Uninstall HAL7600
    • Uninstall Chew7
    • Uninstall uODIN
    • Correct file permissions
    • Correct important system files
    • Correct services required for activation
    • Correct VBS file associations
    • Remove Microsoft entries from the HOSTS file


    Warning: Do not close WAT Fix while it's running.


    If you first open command prompt as an administrator and use the command sfc /scannow it'll help you to confirm if SFC is working. If it ends quickly or gives you an error then you shouldn't use WAT Fix and you should instead perform a repair installation.


    If after running WAT Fix you're unable to boot then insert your Windows 7 DVD, select "Repair your computer" and then select command prompt and enter the following:
    Note: You may need to set the drive letter to D: or E: depending on your partitions.

    Virus scanner results

    All virus scanner detection's are a false-positive. Simply turn off your anti-virus while running the program.


      File: WAT Fix.exe
    CRC-32: 23c358bb
       MD4: 4e6edbc7ca79ed7a45c315d06afde12a
       MD5: 0a1023d7fd543f6b73ad2a4ca553bba1
     SHA-1: 5a5e1fd568e6d7c5cf6782de4ddfb5be40c5e3c0

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