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Thread: Windows Loader - Support and chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielV View Post
    I tried to request a mod but it's been hard to find anyone to do a manually mod - forum request
    Your BIOS is difficult to modify due to it's proprietary format

    You could try using KMS. You'll remain activated as long as you keep the software installed.

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    Happy to see that after three years i know this Loader which allows me to install Windows 7 freely, it's still supported after all with active replies.

    I used ASROCK H61M-VS3 UEFI motherboard with CSM and MBR support, never flashed at all, for 3 years with 3 reinstallations it has no problem and activate directly after installation. I changed because some strange issues after uninterrupted 1 year and 10 months run with suddenly black screen after restart (though reinstallation can't fix, CLRMOS jumper fixes the issue)

    Only it seems like today things become more... complicated especially with the issues of "startup repair", "didn't support GPT", "type 4 and 3 memory" which the documentation isn't complete in explaining what it does, makes me a bit worried.
    (especially how Startup Repair option could easily appears in any event of interruption)

    After all, even though i move on to Ratiborus' KMSAuto Net*, which works well for Windows 8.1 (my primary PC and my sibling's laptop) and 10 (my lil bro's PC) almost a year without interruptions at all unless (in case of Windows 10) Windows Update did it through MSRT... this is why i averse to automatic updating (i put my Windows 7 and 8.1 installations to Never check for updates and there isn't any bad thing) and thankfully there's solutions to that particular issues, namely the amazing Sordum's Windows Update Blocker.

    *I didn't use MSToolkit and KMSPico because personal preferrence, as for MSToolkit it now triggers false positive on my favorite AV Avast, and KMSPico simply because it didn't play well with SmartScreen (though i turned it off) and also few and far between updates while Ratiborus tools, although the forum is in Russian, is highly trustworthy, frequently updated, pass several update checks in case of Windows 10, and deservedly credited one (or two) of MDL's staff for the KMS server emulator.

    After all despite some confusing issues here and there even years after the definitive 2.2.1 release (never use 2.2.2 because didn't have problem with 2.2.2) i just want to say my thanks for this amazing piece of software even if i wouldn't ever use it anymore (i had to say bye bye to Windows 7 as my primary is now using Windows 8.1. i used Windows 10 pretty well but didn't feel comfortable especially after Anniversary Update because even if i didn't use it, some apps like Cortana or Store works on its own. My brother's PC, which before it's my testing ground for applications, keep using Windows 10 though because he had already installed bunch of applications there.)

    Buying legitimate OEM or Retail license for Windows 8.1 (if still exists) or Windows 10 (if they scale down on the "Telemetry" thing or as soon as i get my hands on a new gaming-grade hardware) is an option eventually as i'm saving my own now instead of being gifted like three years ago, i have learned how to maintain Windows system health well, and Windows 10 didn't have compatibility issues to older software like Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 (that one that didn't need activation) and Battlefield 1942, but it would be better if it's put on new, out-of-the-box components so there's smaller issues.
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