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Thread: How to Use New Phoenix Bios Mod Tool to Modify Phoenix/Dell/Insyde/EFI Bios Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkoyskip View Post
    Tired, and searching doesn't seem to help ATM.

    Looking to SLIC 2.1 an IdeaPad S12 (Intel, not VIA). I don't mind trying myself but could use some pointers in the correct dirction.. there is no BIOS available. Yes I have searched & searched for info.

    My latest idea is to use the phoenixtool259 but i'm having trouble finding exact instructions on how to use it.

    Thanks in advance!!
    try this marker's utility

    Make a pure DOS bootable USB stick, unpack to the stick, boot to DOS and run CLR.BAT, then - FLASH.BAT.
    Reboot & check SLIC with Slictoolkit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raselmunna View Post
    Works great. thank you.. but what about HP DV2313C
    If the latest bios for this model is F.39 (sp38062.exe), then ask Serg008 to update this post.

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    Dear Nice guys,

    Beginning when i want to play PES2017 on windows 7 64bit at my Dell n4110 core i3 RAM 4Gb Intel HD3000, VRAM is so little just 64Mb so the game is lagging to play. I search any articles/threads to configure VRAM on desktop until bios, but didn't work until now.
    Then i see this thread, and think it useful for me.
    The another problem is how can i configure the Phoenix BIOS so can appear selection of VRAM?
    My dell BIOS is N4110A12.
    Maybe any someone can help me to learn step by step to solve or show me any threads or articles to solve this matter.

    Thank you and regards
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    I'm new on this forum as a writer. I was reading some topics to resolve my problems and in all situations there were some solutions.
    Thank you for helping each other.

    I didn't read all of 41 pages of this Thread.

    To my thing.

    I have Dell Studio 1535 with instaled Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista Home Premium OEM key. I bought it with clean Windows 7 instaled.

    In Bios there was the same Windows key that Windows 7 was registered.

    I read that my Dell was produced less than 6 moths before Windows 7 comes up.
    In that key Windows Vista can be upgrade to Windows 7 without any problem for free.

    Before i read this article (there was no reason to search it) i formated my Dell and install Windows 7 without enter a Key.

    Windows don't want to register.
    Started searching and find that is SLIC 2.0 in my Dell...

    Have two option install Vista and upgrade to 7 or install Bios Mod with SLIC 2.1.
    I decided to install Bios Mod

    There was no Bios Mod for this model so I decided to make it.

    Did everything with tutorial.
    Used dynamic, not SSV2.

    Everything goes well, even install Bios without a battery (in USB DOS with /forceit)

    Turn on the computer and there is SLIC 2.1 but with other Windows Key.
    I read that information it will be like this, no frustration.

    Using slmgr.vbs Vista Home Premium OEM Key with Dell Certificate 2.1 registered the Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Until now everything is good.

    I upgrated Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 (using setup from pendrive on turn on Windows 7, not clean instalation with format).

    I didn't enter any Key.

    Win 10 was succesfully instaled and registered but Product key is from Bios (from this tutorial first post DELL SLIC 2.1 file implemented to my Bios)

    slmgr.vbs doesn't work on Windows 10.

    I read that people with installed other key they have implemented from factory lose registered Windows and ability to register Windows with original Key they had (identification with device Service Tag or something else specific to their device).
    Don't know it's true.

    Is there any way to change the Key product in Bios?

    I read something about DELL tool to change product key in Bios, and more i remember that i was on site with this tool file to download but it was unnecessary for me then and i closed tab without download. Now I cant find it in my history.
    Search in internet make no results too.

    If there's no way to do this (maybe ^it^ was a dream),
    can I change the Key product in SLIC file before implement it to clean bios?

    I can modify Bios again and install it.

    I forgot to add.

    Using HexEditor
    I opened DELL SLIC file from tutorial. No result in finding product key there.
    I opened DELL BIOS .exe instalation file with implemented SLIC 2.1. No result.

    In other Bios instalations there is some option to change it with Phoenix Bios Editor but this specific Dell Bios file can't be opened with this program (any of clean Bios and Bios with SLIC 2.1)

    Read about turn a virtual machine on, open .exe Bios intalation and copy files from temporary files in our base system.

    When i have specific files maybe I can modify the product key, make new .exe file and install Bios again.

    I will do this tommorow and write about.

    Thank You for involvement.

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    1. The latest bios for Dell Studio 1535 is A06, which comes with SLIC 2.0. So a dynamic mod for SLIC 2.1 is sufficient for Windows 7 activation (as you've observed).
    2. Windows 8.x & 10 don't use OEM:SLP activation, thus SLIC has nothing to do with them. But Windows 10 does allow valid digital entitlement from OEM:SLP activated copy of Windows 7. You also got it according to your description. In case of digital entitlement, the activation info is stored in MS server & you need to be online after re-installing Windows to get it activated again.
    3. There is no product key encoded in SLIC table.
    4. slmgr.vbs does work in Windows 10. It depends how you want to utilize it.

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    Thanks for reply.

    My first post is long... And I didn't wrote some things.

    I saved Bios.rom with some backup Bios tool. It worked but I get .rom file unnable to open in phoenix bios editor.
    I think it is same with .rom file which I get with cmd and /wrotefilerom or something like that (don't remember). It can't be opened too with phoenix bios editor. And file size is same. Almost 2 times bigger than .exe.
    So I think I have good .rom files. But this specific file can't be open.


    1. Yes.

    2. I registered OEM WIN 7 with slmgr.vbs -ipc (cert Dell 2.1) and slmgr.vbs -ipk my key from bios before instal bios mod.
    Upgrade to WIN 10 and the Product Key in Windows changed and activate my WIN 10. It is possible that I get correct (other) product key than I had registered OEM WIN 7?

    My old key from Bios is from Vista I think. I bought this laptop with WIN 7 but label on case is for Vista OEM. It could have Vista and upgrade to WIN 7 (no updated SLIC require, I think).
    Maybe if someone take some movements I want to do with product key (Vista Home Premium OEM Key ---> upgraded WIN 7 Home Premium OEM key ---> upgraded WIN 10 Home key) Microsoft change key to the same physically license whitch I have.

    In Phoenix bios mod if I choose my Bios A06 I can't add any SLP file. Only Slic file can be added.
    I remember (in first post I think) that Dell Slic.bin file have slp file inside...

    Is there any way to change Windows serial which will be instaled after bios mod?

    I want to keep it with original product key in bios.

    3. Ok.

    4. It was shortcut.

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